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Intelligent Event Insights

TAP connects your event attendees and increases ROI through a simple, secure, smart ticket.

Advanced lead generation

TAP's advanced lead engagement tools deliver allows you to connect with your delegates, create meaningful ROI, and drive revenue.


Transform the journey

TAP will forever enhance the way delegates and attendees experience your events, ensuring every movement counts.

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Deliver stronger ROI

Understand the flow of your event with accuracy. Respond in real-time and report to key stakeholders.

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Drive revenue by responding in real-time

Monitor attendance, eliminate pain-points, and capitalise on opportunity with TAP’s Insights platform.

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The TAP ecosystem explained

Connect to TAP and create a seamless event experience.

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Products Built With Purpose

Individual experiences, now brought together.

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Extending Lead Engagement

Extend lead engagement beyond the natural lifecycle of an event.

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