Engagement article

Extending Lead Engagement

There is a lot to be said for the hype of an event, the excitement of anticipation, and the experience of the event itself. But what happens next? After everyone has left, slowly but surely that hype becomes a distant memory.


So how can we create long-lasting engagement?

TAP’s RFID technology allows event exhibitors and brand partners to understand the movement that happens within an event environment. This gives them the ability to collect hot lead engagement opportunities in multiples. 

For example, you might be at a trade show where every visitor is given TAP wearable. Throughout the exhibition, attendees engaged with different exhibitors, they purchased coffees and merchandise, and they listened to different speaking panels. As the event producer, TAP wearables tell you the level of engagement of each attendee in real-time. 


Why is this important?

Accurate data delivered in a clear way, allows you to create patterns of behaviour and spot popular trends within your event environment that can directly inform how your event moves forward. This breakthrough in data analysis allows you to create a story that not only your event visitors can engage with, but also provides a much more compelling argument for sponsors and brands.