TAP solutions work together

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Welcome Attendees

Have background knowledge of your attendees from the moment they walk in the door. TAP gives you the ability to deliver a personalised experience to everyone.

Welcome attendees

Monitor Access

Keep an eye on the flow of your event, and adjust access across the event accordingly. The simple answer to all your security and health and safety needs.

Monitor access

Accurately Map

Have an exact understanding of engagement by seeing where your attendees are located and when.

Accurately map

Reward Engagement

Allow your brand partners and exhibitors to deliver rewards based on an accurate measure of attendee engagement. 

Brand rewards

Staff Management

Track staff performance levels, and apply our Staff Management solution to control access rights, and F&B credits throughout your event. 

Staff Management

Streamline Payments

Increase revenue by implementing cashless transactions across your event. TAP gives you the option to make payments work for you.